CSP® Program

CSP® Program

The Certified Sales Professional (CSP®) Program gives a thorough understanding of consultative selling. From business creation to improved time and territory management, goal-setting to prospecting, and everything in between, attendees return to the territory with a renewed enthusiasm for selling.  Regardless of industry or place in the sales channel, you’ll want and you’ll need is a CSP®. Providing value, not only in the products and services they are selling but also in the relationships they are establishing, is the very essence of the CSP® program.

The Certified Sales Professional (CSP®) Program is a sales certification for professionals who are employed as sales representatives, account managers, distributor representatives, and business development personnel. The CSP® program enables candidates to achieve the coveted CSP® designation, which the certified professional can place on their business cards and resume. This designation is a great door-opener and conversation starter during prospecting or sales calls.  Effective use of the designation on business cards, email signatures, and websites is a great way to let your employer, customers, prospects, and peers know that you are a true professional and that your business activities are guided by SMI.

csp logoFor the Organization's Sales Team

  • Alignment with the organization’s core strategies and culture with globally recognized best practices

  • Develop focused, inspired and disciplined sales teams

  • Acquire the latest knowledge and technology know-how

  • Instill loyalty, passion and commitment to organizational long-term goals

  • A commitment to personal career development and lifelong learning

  • Set measurable benchmarks within your sales team for clear reward systems

For the Independent Sales Personnel

  • Professional sales competencies that are recognized worldwide

  • Leadership skills that drive results

  • Latest knowledge and know-how to offer best value to your clients

  • Productive tools and resources to increase your efficiency and effectiveness

Why Get Certified

For the credibility of the profession, it is important to recognize sales professionals who have met and surpassed high standards of education, experience, knowledge and ethical conduct. Sales and Marketing Institute International (SMI) established a sales certification for professionals to complete in order to be able to use its professional designations. This sales certification provides a standardized structure to assure maximized sales and profitability performance.

When you take the CSP® Program to earn the CSP® designation, you’ll have more than a few letter to putafter your name, you'll have validation of your expertise and knowledge of key sales competencies.

The CSP®designation:

  • Distinguishes you as a person any buyer would want as a partner
  • Enhances your professional image
  • Recognizes you as someone who is committed to professional development
  • Announces your expertise to your employers, peers, principals and customers
  • Ensures greater sales success for you and your company


Once you have completed this program, you'll be able to:

  • Identify challenges facing today's sales professionals and acquire the selling skills required to meet those challenges
  • Demonstrate the tactical, strategic and self-management skills required to succeed in the sales profession
  • Produce tangible returns by increasing your skill level and becoming a top producer






Who can become CSP®

Sales people in every industry and segment of the sales process can attend the CSP® program. These include sales representatives, brokers, direct sales, distributors, and even sales managers who manage sales representatives. Anyone who calls on customers and who aims to increase the productivity and profitability of their company should attend the CSP® program.

The following individuals can become CSP®: 

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Agents
  • Medical Representatives
  • Healthcare Sales Professionals
  • Account Managers and Executives
  • Business Development Officers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Store Managers
  • Telemarketers
  • Operations Managers
  • Sales Engineers
  • Customer Service Representatives/Associates


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