Frequently Asked Questions

faqQ: What is the Sales and Marketing Institute (SMI)?
A: SMI is the premiere professional body of sales and marketing professionals in the world. It provides a dynamic forum for professionals to advance their careers through professional certification, research and development, training, mentoring, networking and advocacy of the highest ethical and professional standards.

Q: Who are SMI's members?
A: SMI members are executives, planners, managers and decision makers in sales and marketing. They are committed to achieve the highest levels of practice standards through continuing professional development and support each other to professional excellence.

SMI members represent companies of all sizes and structure, including family-owned businesses, private enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, small and large publicly listed traded companies, and multinational corporations.

Q: What is the Certified Sales Professional (CSP®)?

A: The CSP® designation is a globally recognized credential that supports sales professionals who excel in sales performance. It is designed to promote the professional development of those who hold it, preparing them to foresee the needs of their companies and play a key role in the selling process, while also upholding the highest level of professional and ethical standards.

Q: Why should I get my CSP®?
A: Beyond the fact that shows professional certifications earn more than non-certified professionals, holding the CSP® sets you apart from other practitioners and demonstrates your commitment to the profession, a desire to excel, and a pledge to adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Q: Does the SMI recognize or rate speakers and presenters - say for conferences and similar events?
A: The Institute recognises a number of professional speakers and presenters, often (but not always) those who make a commitment to membership of the SMI.

Q: Is there an opportunity to engage in mentoring between members?
A: Yes. The Institute believes informal and, sometimes, formal mentoring is an asset for members desirous of that form of learning and coaching.

Q: What qualifications does the Institute recognise?
A: The Institute is exploring a new sales management and salespeople course.

Q: Does the Institute write a reference for members?
A: Yes. When a member travels interstate/overseas, the Institute will provide a letter of introduction.

Q: Does the Institute offer sponsorship opportunities?
A: Yes. Please contact us through our Inquiry tab.

Q: Does the Institute plan to introduce an Awards program?
A: Yes. The Institute is planning to launch an Awards program in the near future.

Q: Does the SMI have member interest groups?
A: Yes. The Institute has member groups including FMCG and, soon Industrial & Manufacturing.

Q: Does SMI have a national Certification benchmark for Salespeople?
A: Yes. SMI offers the Certified Sales Professional (CSP®) program.

Q: If a member moves from one company to another during the course of their three year membership, what action is taken by the Institute?
A: The Institute seeks to introduce a fair outcome in such a circumstance. If the company has paid, the membership (Fellowship) becomes fully transferable. If the individual has paid, the membership remains with the individual Fellow and the company most seek a fresh member.

Q: Does the Institute provide a list of members?
A: No. Members have previously voted not to "advertise" member names and telephone numbers - except when the Institute is approaching a prospective member. However, members agreed that management may act as "broker" between members to effect introduction/contact.