Membership FAQ's



Q: Who can join SMI?

A: Anyone 18-years old or older who is interested in the field of sales and marketing can join SMI.


Q: How do I join SMI?

A: You must complete an application form by downloading a membership application form. Some membership categories require that prospective members meet specific criteria. For example, students must be enrolled in Bachelors degree in Marketing or Sales to qualify for Student Membership. You pay the applicable dues rate for the category of membership to which you wish to belong, and renew your membership each year on your anniversary date.


Q: Do I have to pay a separate fee to join an SMI community?

A: No, you don't have to pay an additional fee to join SMI Chapter, Sector or E-Group. Those benefits are value-added features of your SMI membership.


Q: How do I register for the Certification Program?

A: You can register for the Certification Program by completing an application form and pay the registration fee. There is a separate fee applies for each examination that you take.


Q: Is there a corporate membership program available?

A: No. SMI does not offer corporate membership options.


Q: How do I update my address or contact information?

A: To update your contact information, simply request for an update form from the membership department and send the accomplished form back for updating. Click here.


Q: What happens if I let my membership expire?

A: Your SMI membership is active for one year from the date at which you joined the Institute. Prior to your anniversary date, you will receive an invoice reminder. Currently, SMI provides a grace period, giving members a little extra time to renew their memberships. If that grace period expires before you have renewed your membership, you will need to pay a reinstatement fee to reactivate your SMI membership. You cannot access your SMI membership benefits once your membership in SMI is terminated unless you reinstate your membership.


Q: How do I contact my local chapter representatives?

A: On the web site, you can use the Chapter directory to find the name and contact information for your local country chapter representative. You can use this information to find out about chapter activities; learn about volunteer activities; or identify key people in the local network.